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Interested in Becoming a Trustee
If you are interested in running for a seat on the Co-op's Board of Trustess you can learn more about the process by reviewing the Trustees Election Procedures.  Please contact Deb Steines (dsteines@madriver.com)  for any additional information or to declare your candidacy for the 2018 Trustee Elections. Candidates must declare by January 15, 2018.

Mad River Glen Annual Co-op Shareholder's Meeting
The Mad River Glen Cooperative's annual Co-op Shareholder's Meeting will take place on Saturday April 7, 2018 The meeting will take place at 5PM on the 3rd floor of the Basebox Lodge. All Co-op Shareholders are welcome to attend the meeting and are encouraged to vote in the election.

When: Saturday, April 7, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.
Where: The Basebox, Mad River Glen Ski Area, Fayston, Vermont

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 3.4 of the Cooperative's Bylaws that the 2018 Annual Meeting of Owners of Mad River Glen Cooperative will be held at 5:00 p.m. on April 7, 2018, at the Basebox, Mad River Glen Ski Area, Fayston, Vermont.

The voting for trustee elections will be by a one page Australian ballot. You may cast your vote by marking, authenticating and returning the absentee ballot enclosed with this Notice (following the instructions printed on the ballot), or you may cast your ballot at the meeting.

1.  Call to Order
2.  President's Report
3.  Treasurer's Repor
4.  General Manager's Report
5.  Introduction of Nominees for Trustee Elections
      In-State Nominees (two to be elected to three year terms)
      Out-of-State Nominees (one to be elected to a three year term)
6.  New Business 
7.  Adjournment