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Strategic Plan

I. Mission, Vision and Values


The Mad River Glen Cooperative’s mission is to protect forever the classic Mad River Glen skiing experience by preserving low skier density, natural terrain and forests, varied trail character, and a friendly community atmosphere for the benefit of its shareholders,
personnel, and patrons.


Today and into the future, Mad River Glen will be the unique and classic skiing
experience it is today, continuing to provide:

• Adventurous lift-served skiing on challenging, narrow trails and glades following
the contours of the land on natural snow, all leading to a central base area;
• The Single Chair with its resulting low skier density,
• Uncrowded terrain for all abilities as well as a robust off-trail experience;
• An emphasis on being a skiers’ mountain with a sense of community, rich history,
and a rustic and independent personality, look, and feel;
• A safe environment with services and an atmosphere appealing to families; and
• A non-commercial atmosphere without a glistening, hyper-efficient “assembly
line” personality that provides an escape from hectic, commercial stresses, and

Our Cooperative will continue to be characterized by a community of skiers who take
pride in their sense of ownership, participate in Cooperative decision-making, and pass
on their love of the mountain to future generations. Our owners will be joined in
preserving and protecting MRG by a management team that provides administrative
management to the Cooperative, but not control or authority, and is focused on providing
an excellent customer experience.



The Cooperative respects and cherishes its natural environment and the historical path
that brought it to the present day. The Cooperative values:

• Preserving and Protecting the MRG skiing experience;
• Practicing social and ecological responsibility, including stewardship of our
mountain’s flora and fauna;
• Promoting shareholders’ sense of passion, responsibility, and ownership by
seeking their input, utilizing their skills and talents, and maintaining a democratic
• Maintaining financial independence and sustainability;
• Continuing self-determination and ownership of our land as an important aspect
of our independence;
• Acting with honesty, fairness, and integrity towards our shareholders, employees,
and vendors.

II. Market

Mad River Glen’s market is comprised of loyal, dedicated skiing (not snowboarding)
customers and families who support our mission and share our vision and values. They
appreciate nature and wilderness, and understand Mad River as a sacred space. They seek
community interaction that fosters returning generations and believe that skiing is not just
a sport but also a way of life.

III. Business Strategy

The Cooperative will pursue its vision and serve its market using the following strategies:

• Preserving and protecting the MRG skiing experience;
• Rely on skiers without snowboarders for its market;
• Use technology tastefully and unobtrusively to provide and maintain a positive
customer experience as well as to improve efficiency;
• Maintain and upgrade our facilities and buildings to ensure safety and to reliably
serve our customers, while conforming to the mountain’s classic architecture;
• Responsibly manage our water, soil, air, and forest resources;
• Be an employer that attracts, develops, and retains employees who are vital
members of the MRG community and are treated equitably and with dignity;
• Continue to use successful marketing strategies (e.g. “Ski It If You Can” bumper
sticker, reliance on desire of current customers and shareholders to share the
MRG experience with others);
• Continue to grow the shareholder base through share sales;
• Understand the experience of MRG’s staff, shareholders, and non-shareholder
customers to inform future business decisions;
• Use multi-year business plans to align annual budgets and plans with long-term
• Continuously innovate to improve profitability and customer experience;
• Use operating income to fund operations and maintenance;
• Use charitable giving and other sources to fund major capital needs;
• Leverage MRG’s historical character to attract and retain customers and economic
support for the Cooperative;
• Maintain the quality of our “woods” skiing experience;
• Maintain our uncrowded ski slopes;
• Maintain the naturally narrow, winding, undulating character of our terrain;
• Rely on natural snow supplemented by our existing snowmaking capacity; and
• Constructively engage with Mad River Valley-based, and more broadly,
Vermont-based, businesses and beneficent organizations (e.g. Stark Mountain
Foundation, Community Fund, Preservation Trust of Vermont, etc.) to achieve
our goals and maintain our values.

IV. Actions

Over the next few years the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees and the management will:

• Develop a Facility Master Plan that will enable MRG to meet the expectations of
its shareholders and customers, now and into the future;
• Develop and implement a plan for long-term financial sustainability that includes
charitable and planned giving and funding from other sources;
• Develop and implement a plan for dealing with adjacent property (purchase,
protect, etc);
• Develop the capability to collect, analyze, and use reliable and timely employee,
shareholder, and customer experience information;
• Study and monitor mountain capacity (assess crowding of lift lines and
facilities/services) and, as necessary, develop a plan to preserve the quality of the
customer experience; and
• Develop and implement a meaningful, simple, and consistently applied employee
compensation plan that encourages and motivates employees to achieve our goals
and maintain our values.

Modified December 15, 2005
Updated & Approved November 8, 2008
Update & Approved November 12, 2011